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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Rattan / Wicker Pet Home in 4 Sizes

Now there's a stylish solution to indoor containment that your pet will proudly call home!

This decorative indoor pet home accents most décor types and it’s Rhino-wicker construction won't absorb fluids or odors so it is easily cleaned with soap and water.

Built-in feet elevate this home for both floor protection and for ventilation. It’s double-tough pan fits securely and is easily removed for those "little accidents."

This home is a come-and-go pet den. It’s unique two-way door opens in and out. It latches securely inside, out of the way for both pets and people

A kennel trained dog is happier, more secure, and less likely to develop problems
Most pet experts agree that a kennel trained dog is happier, more secure, and less likely to develop problem behaviors at home or on the road. Dogs naturally like to "den" in enclosed places with protection all around, especially when they feel tired, lonely, sick or insecure.

The Problem     Even when pet owners start to kennel train their pet, most don't keep up with it. At best they use the kennel inside temporarily for housebreaking. Why? Because conventional carriers and wire kennels don't fit in the home where the dog is most comfortable.

Those plain colored plastic surfaces or wire gratings stick out and clash with furnishings, décor, etc. Studies show that most owners of traditional carriers or crates feel they are too unattractive for day-to-day use in the home. So most of those owners leave the carrier or crate somewhere out of sight and out of use: in the attic, garage, basement, etc. The result? Without a suitable solution that fits in the home, the pet now lies under furniture or under foot, sometimes developing anxious or clingy behaviors.

The Solution          

Mr. Herzher's House-Pet's Home offers a solution that fits the needs of both pets and pet owners. 

It lets the pet owner use their traditional carrier as a training device, then save it for use as a carrier, while still having a purpose-built den inside the house to help their pet stay secure, comfortable and well-trained.

Available in four sizes ( 42", 36", 30" & 24" ) In Dark Brown Only 
( light color not available )

To get the right-sized crate for your dog, choose the size that is at least 4 inches longer (tip of nose to tail) and 4 inches higher than your pet (floor to top of head) will be as an adult.
Sizes available:                                                            Our Discounted Price

24" long from front to rear, X 21" high and 18" wide.                    $149.99    + shipping

30" long from front to rear, X 24" high and 21" wide                       189.99

36" long from front to rear, X 27" high and 24" wide.                      239.99

42" long from front to rear, X 31" high and 28" wide                       299.99

Pet Home Sizes

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