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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Breed Highlight: Beagle

The Beagle

Beagle-BreedIntelligent and brave, the Beagle is a highly social breed known for being especially good with children and typically with other dogs thanks to their gentle, loving and tolerant nature. Yet, their hunting instincts can kick in with non-canine house pets. So it’s vital that owners socialize them with felines and other household pets at a young age.
The modern breed was developed in Great Britain in the 1830s as a mix of hounds that included the Talbot, Southern and North Country. Their coats take on such hound colors as orange and white, red and white, black and tan, tricolor, and blue or red tick. Other physical traits include a squarely built body, large brown or hazel eyes, long ears and a straight muzzle.

Males are slightly heavier and larger than females, averaging 14-16 inches and tipping the scales at 22-25 pounds. Since Beagles have such keen scent-driven instincts and a mind of their own, their owners must establish who is the leader of the pack. Training requires patience and a firm attitude.

Beagles also require daily mental and physical exercise since they have such high energy and boundless stamina. To keep it safe, Beagles should be walked on a leash when walking to prevent them from bolting off to sniff out scents or chase game.

As a smaller breed, Beagles have a life expectancy from 12-15 years. During that span, however, they’re prone to allergies, obesity, mast cell tumors and a warped front leg condition known as chondroplasia. Some of the breed’s lines are also prone to heart disease, cherry eye, back issues and epilepsy.

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