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Saturday, August 2, 2014

DIY Chicken Bath

Give your dirty chicken a bath! 

Find two plastic tubs that are large enough to submerge your pet up to its neck and fill both tubs with warm water. Add a mild soap, such as castile soap, to one tub, stir the soap to make bubbles and place your chicken in the bath. 

Rub the soapy water into your pet’s feathers and under its wings, then use a soft scrub brush to clean your chicken’s legs and toes. 

Add a small amount of vinegar to the second tub of water, dunk your chicken up to its neck in the second tub, then use a pitcher to pour warm water over it for a final rinse. 

Gently towel dry your chicken, then let it air dry or use a non-Teflon hair dryer on a low setting to finish the drying. 

Lastly, apply a small amount Vaseline to your chicken’s feet, waffle and comb.


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