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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Importance of Taking Your Cat to the Vet


Cat-Vet-veterinarianStatistics show that cats are 30 percent less likely to see a veterinarian than their canine counterparts. 

Many feline owners opt out of annual vaccines and checkups for their furry friends, especially if the critter dwells indoors. There’s a misconception that cats kept inside are lower maintenance, and won’t be as exposed to viruses and rabies
Vaccines play a critical role, protecting against specific infectious diseases. Skipping vaccines will potentially expose your cat’s immune system to risk. Kittens should receive an initial rabies vaccine that must be boostered in a year.

Proper cat care isn’t simply about vaccines, however. You and your veterinarian should determine what your cat’s specific needs are. Pets often mask their health problems. So regular vet visits will help with detecting problems or prevent them from becoming serious.

Keep in mind that many ailments roll out so slowly that it’s difficult to actually notice them. Among these are skin lumps and bumps, altering body weight, stiffness in joints and dental disease.
Catching these potential problems early or avoiding them entirely will help prevent pet discomfort and potentially high vet bills

Discuss with your veterinarian how often your cat should be seen, and make every effort to consistently follow this schedule. It could add years to your furry companion’s life. Remember that nutrition is one of the most significant ways pet parents can keep cats healthy between these veterinary visits. Choose healthy cat treats with Loving Pets Purrfectly Natural™ selections. Affordably priced, these great tasting gourmet cat snacks contain no additives, glycerins, artificial preservatives or fillers. They are simple, single source proteins that are gently dried to maintain maximum nutritional value

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