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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Wooden Rabbit House and Chicken Coop

Little Lodge Wooden Rabbit House and Chicken Coop

The Little Lodge Wooden Rabbit House and Chicken Coop is a smaller and affordable option for small laying hens, bantam chickens, or rabbits. We recommend keeping no more than 2 small hens or 3-4 small bantams in this coop, and we would recommend allowing for more room to free range during the day if possible. 
This newly designed coop is made from fully treated and grooved Fir Wood, and like most of our other coops is treated with a water based preservative for longevity. A benefit to this coop is that all parts can be assembled and disassembled for easy transportation

This compact coop and rabbit hutch will fit nicely into a small backyard and provide secure protection from predators. The lower level has an open floor for access to scratching and foraging in the grass while providing some extra space for moving around. Though this coop does not come with a built in roost or nest box, they can be added to the interior. 
Also ideal for rabbits, this coop has a droppings tray with access from the front door of the hutch that will enable you to easily remove droppings from the upper level of the rabbit cage.
Provide your laying hens or pet rabbits with a quality living space that is affordable, durable, and most importantly - easy to assemble! The coop has plenty of doors and windows for ventilation and the felt roof will provide protection from most weather.
Product Facts

Little Lodge Wooden Rabbit House and Chicken Coop

  • Easy assembly and lightweight for convenient mobility.
  • Large hinged doors for easy cleaning
  • Durable treated and grooved wood to withstand the elements
  • Water resistant shingled roof
  • Solid Fir Wood Construction
$164.60 with free shipping within the continental USA


Returns must be completed within the product's 90 day warranty period. There is a 20% restocking fee on returned items


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