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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Another Rabbit Huch To Be proud Of

54" Solid Fir Wood Rabbit Hutch and Chicken Coop

Like many of our other easy to assemble chicken coops, the 54" Solid Fir Wood Chicken Coop is made from fully treated and grooved Fir wood.

This is an ideal coop for approximately 3 small hens or other small animals, and is made from natural insulating wood construction. The coop has many openings, including a hinged roof, for easy cleaning and ample ventilation.

This compact chicken coop or rabbit hutch can fit in the smallest of yards, and will give your animals a comfortable living environment with an open lower floor for scratching and foraging in the grass.

There are no nesting boxes or roosts in this coop, so it may be necessary to install these for comfortable chicken living.

This lightweight coop can be moved fairly easily if you want to continually provide your animals with fresh grass on the floor of the coop. This will also help preserve and fertilize your lawn. All doors are secured with lockable slide bolts to protect your animals from predators. If you're looking for a compact, lightweight, and durable coop or rabbit hutch for your yard, this is a perfect option. With a droppings drawer, multiple doors, and a hinged roof; keeping this coop clean and comfortable for your animals will be a breeze.
Product Facts

54" Solid Fir Wood Rabbit Hutch and Chicken Coop

  • Light weight and easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Ample windows and hinged roof for easy cleaning and ventilation
  • Dropping drawer for cleanliness
  • Ramp to lower level for grazing and foraging in grass
  • Heavy duty galvanized wire and cage clasps keep your animals in and predators out!

Price $169.00 with Free shipping within the continental USA



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