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Monday, October 13, 2014

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Please take the time to look over our Blog.  You will see that we have attempted to find beneficial information and unique products for you if your interests are concerning Dogs, Cats or the "New Pet", Chickens.

It is impossible for us to share with you everything we find on those three subjects.  We urge you, therefore, to follow us on Pinterest.  We have collected a vast amount of knowledge on our Pinterest Boards that you may find useful now and in the future. 

Go there now to see what you are missing.  'Follow" our boards so you won't miss our newest additions.

You will find over 265 Boards with over 35,000 different Pins and over 4,000 followers.  You may find in depth studies of several topics of interest to you, however, the ones of special interest on this Blog are:

Pamper Your Pets
Chickens (&Eggs)
Chickens - Silkies - Frizzles - Polish Hens
Chicken Coops
Chickens As Pets
Chicken Predators (& Insects)
Chicken Manure
Guinea Fowl

If you have a pet - follow us.  You'll be glad you did when you find that just right idea or piece of information. 


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