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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Consider A Marek's Vaccination When Ordering Your Chicks

What is Marek's Disease and how do I control the disease?
Marek’s is a widespread disease affecting domestic chickens in all sections of the world. 

It is characterized by lesions affecting the nervous system, organs, and other tissues. 

Young chickens under 16 weeks of age are most susceptible. 

There is no treatment for Marek’s once the birds are infected. Chicks must be vaccinated as close to the time of hatch as possible for the vaccine to be effective. 

Some hacheries vaccinate all of their own breeding stock and strongly feel that you should do the same. Vaccinating your birds for Marek's is another appropriate step in strong poultry management. Don’t take any chances.

When offered vaccinate your chicks prior to shipment of your order. Don’t forget to mark your order blank in the appropriate location for vaccination.

Vaccinations are offered by  and  and when requested at the time of ordering your new chicks

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