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Monday, July 14, 2014

Building A Solar Thermal Soda/Beer Can Heater for A Coop or Greenhouse

Complete Steps for Building A Solar Thermal Soda/Beer Can Heater for A Greenhouse or Chicken Coop

(Originally from my blog: My First Vegetable Garden)

I am very excited about this video. It took about a week or so to make and it was seven parts I edited together. The entire video is 20 minutes long (longer than my typical videos) but it demonstrates every step needed to build your own 'Solar Thermal Soda/Beer Can Heater for A Greenhouse'. It was a lot of fun to make. Here is what it teaches in a nutshell. And remember you can swap out parts and pieces. This is teaching guide.

Solar Thermal Soda/Beer Can Heater - The Rusted Garden

Solar Can Heater Concept:

  1. All the parts and costs
  2. How to drill, seal and stack the cans 
  3. How to build the box out of Poly Board/Styrofoam
  4. Hot to paint and arrange the cans
  5. How to seal the glass
  6. Another video will show it's use and output

 It will teach everything you need to know to build one yourself. I only use 20 cans in stacks of 4 as it is a small scale design. My goal is to add some heat to a small greenhouse. Some designs use 200-300 cans with stacks of 25. People use solar heaters, of that size, on the sides of their houses to supplement standard heating methods. This is a great solar concept that works and can be adapted to meet your garden needs.

I will be using the individual videos to highlight specific steps on creating a solar heater. Some people don't like 20 minute videos or just need to know how to drill, seal and stack the aluminum cans. This video shows you just that step for creating the aluminum can columns. It is part of the 20 minute larger video.

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