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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Wood Pet Homes by Merry Products


  • Wood Pet Homes by MERRY PRODUCTS

    all homes below feature:

    bulletColor - Cedar Brown
    bulletUnique Distinctive House Designs
    bulletLightweight, Easy to Handle
    bulletRemovable Roof Top and Bottom Panels for Easy Cleaning
    bulletRaised Bottom Design Keeps Pets Dry
    bulletWood is Kiln Dried and Treated with Natural Color Stains to enhance the Appearance and Durability
    bulletStable and Cellular Structure of wood allows the pet house to withstand humidity and extreme temperatures
    bulletNatural scent of wood creates a calming and pleasant atmosphere
    bulletNatural Insulating Feature of Wood is 2 - 5 times higher than any other materials used in pet construction
    bulletMay be re-stained like any other wood
    bulletOnly 11 Component Parts to assemble
    bulletSimple, Easy to follow instructions and all Hardware is included
    bulletAssembly times is approximately 20 minutes
    bulletTools required (1) - Phillip Screwdriver

    Tips to choose the right size house.
      The door height should be at least three quarters of your pet's shoulder height ( From ground to neck).  The length and width of the house should be equal to but not more than 25% larger than the distance between the nose and the tip of the tail.  

    The height of the house should be at least 25% taller and no higher than 50% the height of the pet when standing erect.  

  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


    The "LOG CABIN"
    Inspired by the idea of country log cabins, this pet house is constructed by aligning half logs together, creating texture, sturdiness and durability.

    Your pet can enjoy an energizing sun tan on the matching front porch while keeping its belly away from the dirt.

     In LARGE and MEDIUM sizes and with or without the front porch.

    MEDIUM House  -  External 34"D x 32"W x 28"H  -  Internal 26"D x 22"W x 21"H  -  Door 13"Wx14"H
    Porch is 17"D x 24"W x 9"H
    Medium House with Porch is  $194.00 with Free Shipping   
    LARGE House -  External 44"D x 38"W x 34"H    -   Internal 35"D x 27"W x 27"H   -  Door 17"W x 19"H
    Porch is 22"D x 28"W x 12"H
    Large House with Porch is $283.00 with Free Shipping


    The "ROOM WITH A VIEW"  for cats or dogs

    This house is designed for the Smaller animals in your home but does not sacrifice comfort or style for space.  

    The cedar construction and raised base architecture allows you the freedom to keep this house indoors or outdoors, while keeping your pet warm and dry.

    As a bonus this house has steps along one side which lead to a wonderful roof-top balcony allowing your pet the freedom to enjoy the weather of the warmer months. 

    Cats will enjoy the house next to an inside window for sunning on the balcony.

    Fir Wood with Oil-Based Stain
    The "ROOM WITH A VIEW"  Dimensions: 29"W x 21"D x 26"H       

    $119.00 with Free Shipping  

  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    This beautiful house is perfect for both an indoor or outdoor pet, as it can be easily moved from the backyard to the den when the weather turns cooler. \
  •   Rich finishing on the wood leaves it with a deep coloring, which works well with the green roof. A front door displays small detail work which adds to the already exquisite overall appearance of this house. 

    Add to that a raised base and shuttered windows, and you have a house that suits both your pet, and your home.

    Fir Wood with Oil-Based Stain 

    The LARGE  "STABLE" is  External 47” x 39” x 34.5”  -  Internal 33” x 29” x 27”  -  Door 18”W x 21”H      

  • $295.00 with Free Shipping
    The LARGE "BARN"

  • This house was conceived with the outdoor pet in mind, allowing him to enjoy both the comfort of an enclosed sleeping area and the freedom of an outdoor porch.  

    In addition to a raised base, this porch was designed with a roof, which offers complete coverage to your pet, keeping them dry and shaded from the elements.   

    A window in the cedar house allows for ventilation of the enclosed areas.   
    For large pets under 100 lbs.

    Fir Wood with Oil-Based Stain

  • The LARGE "BARN" is External 39” x 47” x 35”  -  Internal 32” x 36” x 33’  
  • Porch External 29” x 39” x 33”  -  Internal 20” x 35’ x 31”
  • $429.00 with Free Shipping


    The "MANSION"

    From the sturdy craftsmanship to the stylish touch of a chimney, this large model is perfect for medium to large sized dogs.

    The amply sized house comes complete with a spacious open-aired front porch surrounded by beautiful latticework, to allow your dog both warmth and comfort. This house is especially designed with

    A raised base to help keep your pet dry.

    It also offers a window covered by downward sloping horizontal shades to allow for ventilation, while keeping out the sun and rain.

    Fir Wood with Oil-Based Stain
    THE EXTRA LARGE "MANSION" is External 48” x 47” x 39  -  Internal 39” x 40” x 35”  -  Door 20”W x 25”H  

  • Porch External 33” x 42” x 19”  -  Internal 32” x 39”
  • $488.00 with Free Shipping


    The Indoor "Ice Cream House"

    This fun and trendy looking house with burgundy wood trim offers your pets a sense of security.
    Its large, open windows allow for maximum visibility to your pet’s surroundings, satisfying its natural curiosity.
    This indoor house is bound to make your pet sleep better as every moment of their dream comes true.
  • Fir Wood with Oil-Based Stain

    Ice Cream House  External 27” x 25” x 23”  - Internal 21” x 19” x 21’  - Door 12” x 14” 
  • $119.00 with Free Shipping
  • MEDIUM  Weather-Proof Garden Pet House

    The roof of this spacious dog house is made out of weather-proof shingle material

    The window opens for ventilation
    Doors flaps are included to protect your pet from rain and bugs

    MEDIUM  External: 46” x 31.3” x 35.6”  -  Internal: 42” x 22” x 31.5”  -  Door: 14”w x 19”h
  • $279.00 with Free Shipping

  • To order: email  for a secure PayPal invoice.


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