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Sunday, July 22, 2012

When Cats Get Bored

When Cats Get Bored

Cats - Busy Minds, Busy Bodies - Mysterious. Independent. Intelligent. Destructive?
If cats get bored, it’s quite possible they’ll go looking for something to do, and it’s usually not what the owner wants.  
A cat can get bored if they’re alone too much or if there’s not enough mental stimulation. Sometimes a cat can just get apathetic, but other times they can actually become destructive."

Such behavior can cause concerned and loving pet owners to wonder what’s best for their cats: keeping them inside, safe from predators and infectious diseases; or letting them out, where there’s more stimulation.

Some people go through the dilemma of ‘Should I let my cat outside?’ because it would open up a whole new world. Some people reluctantly let their cats be indoor-outdoor cats because they assume their cats are happier outside.  See the KittyWalk System of interconnected fully enclosed outdoor cat play yards available through Blue Ridge Pet Center.

Fortunately, you can also help keep cats indoors and safe by providing the most stimulating environment possible. Products such as toys; furniture that enables cats to scratch, rest or watch outside activity; and even bird feeders creates a winning situation for everyone.
Cat owners may or may not know that their cats are bored, —especially if they work a lot and the cat spends a lot of time alone.

Understanding cats and their behavioral motivations can help in selecting the best products for any given cat.

Even after careful toy selection, though, cats can still grow tired of them. Rotating toys keeps things fresh for cats, which is especially important for cats alone during the day.
For optimal play response try only setting out one or two toys at a time, suggested Marrow, “and rotate them on a weekly basis because [cats] get bored playing with the same thing over and over for the most part.”

Toys aren’t the only things that keep cats from getting bored. A myriad of products stimulate them and keep them busy. Tall posts enable cats to stretch and align their spines, while channeling natural scratching instincts. Cat trees provide exercise, scratching surfaces, and help stimulate their hunting instincts.

Cats are the most three-dimensional mammal we come in contact with. In fact, when they’re looking for prey or hiding from predators, they climb.”
Since animals like to be in high places, and they feel more secure if they’re up high surveying their territory.

Window seats for cats or shorter cat trees in front of windows enable cats to watch birds and other little animals outside.

Remember that sturdy, well-made furniture is a must for safety.
Jeff Simpson, president of Mr. Herzher’s Pet Accessories with Style in Auburn, Ala., agrees and adds that nice-looking, well-constructed furniture that is made with quality materials sells even in tough economic times.

Once people find a perch their cat likes, its placement is really important, Some cats love perching in a window, where they can watch people and cars go by. Other cats prefer windows that look out on wooded areas, where they can watch birds, raccoons and other wildlife. Then there are those cats who like to watch TV.

Whether it’s woodland animals, birds or the television, it’s all the same concept: motion.

Cats have these little motion detectors in their eyes, and as soon as something moves, they want to get on it right away. So movement is a big thing.”

Some people may know this, others might not. Owners should figure out what keeps their cats busy and happy.

Window perches are viable options for pet owners looking to provide a window of entertainment to the great outdoors for their cats


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