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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Try Pigmy Goats As Pets

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Pigmy goats are small breeds of domestic goats, which are not typically used for meat or milk, although they can produce milk in large quantities and can be eaten. These goats are more robust and continually breed throughout the year more than the meat and dairy goats. In most cases, these goats are kept as pets especially in urban backyards. Keeping a pigmy goat as pet will, however, have to be according to the local regulations of ownership of livestock, and this is because it is different in various towns and cities.
A pigmy goat can adapt to any type of climate and is considered as an asset in many ways. A male pigmy goat is known as a buck, and a female pigmy goat is referred to as a doe. The female pigmy goats weigh between 40 lbs to 60lbs while the male pigmy goats weigh between 40 lbs to 60 lbs. The pigmy goat height will range form 16 inches to 23 inches. Their color ranges from white caramel, dark caramel, medium caramel, medium grey agouti, silver light grey agouti, brown agouti, dark grey agouti, solid black and black with frosted points.

Pygmy goats are known to be polyestrous breeders as they can bear one to four young ones every 9 to 12 months. This is after a gestation period of five months. The pygmy goat is believed to have originated from Cameroon. They were later imported to the US from European zoos. They were mainly for using in zoos, and as research animals but they were later used by private breeders as pets due to their friendliness, hardy constitution and good natured behavior. It is important to take good care of a pygmy goat and one of the things that you need to look into here is their diet which should have greens and grains. It is also important to provide them with items to play with.

It is, also, advisable to provide a shed, as well as an accessible open area. You should ensure that every pygmy goat has a companion. Due to the fact, they are prey animals; they should have a shelter that is in a predator proof area more so during the night. You should always provide fresh drinking water to your pygmy goat. Keep in mind that if you treat the goat with respect it will be affectionate. A pygmy goat can also be trained although this will require a lot of time.

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