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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Keeping Your Pet in the Yard

Q:  Many people feel that their pet must be on a lead when out in the yard or she will  bolt.  

How do we, if even possible, train her to go out, do her business and come back in or stay with us in the yard when gardening, playing, etc.

A: To begin training your dog, put her on a leash and walk her in your yard all around several times a day on the same path. Allow her to sniff and mark her territory around the entire perimeter of your yard. 

After you have do this for a few days for about half an hour each day-rain or shine, you can take her off the leash and make sure she is staying on the same track. If she deviates from the original path in any way, let out a nice firm “No” then pick her up and place her back on the original path. 

You want to make sure you are firm about her staying on that path and within the boundary you have set. 

Keep treats  in your pocket or a small bag to reward her with as she remains by your side and in the yard within the designated boundary. 

Remember, repetition, patience and praise will be necessary in order to be successful.

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