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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Portable K9 Shower

The K9 Shower is a unique and effective solution to
a common problem. Dogs get dirty, and then need to come into your car or home.

The K9 Shower is portable and can be used anywhere to deliver up to 2.2 gallons of warm water which enough to thoroughly rinse a large, dirty dog.

Fill the K9 Shower with hot or warm water from home. The water will stay warm for hours. The gravity-fed water flow is strong enough to shoot water straight up to clean belly and chest; and the fact that it's warm water means your dog won't object.

For the car, the K9 Shower mounts to a window that's opened an inch or more. Six feet of hose and a shower head with on-off control then enables you to thoroughly rinse your dog after the dog park, hike or beach adventure. Towel-dry and load a clean dog into your clean car!

At home, the K9 Shower mounts to a bracket provided. Clean your muddy dog after a neighborhood walk, or when bringing them in from the back yard.

The K9 Shower solves the problem of frozen hoses, cold hose water, or no hose water available at all. Your dog will appreciate the fact that the water is warm and the flow is gentle; you'll appreciate the fact that your dog is thoroughly clean when they cross the threshold to your clean house.

 Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.   • One year warranty.

$49.00 with free shipping

To order: email  for a secure PayPal invoice.
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